Der Millstätter See
Twisting "human beings" round our little
paws is no challenge for us kitten -
with our smooth fur and dark-blue eyes
nobody can resist us anyway.

Haaalllo - in case you "human beings"
don't know us by now - here is some
information about us "Birma" cats:

We are born with a completely white fur -
gradually our noses, ears or tails are
becoming dark (not the paws).
We are very proud of our white "gloves".
The markings in our face, be it dark
stripes or a dark mask, are gradually getting darker during the first year.
9545 Radenthein, Brückenweg 3, Tel.: 0043 (0)4246 / 53 50, e-mail:
Our nature is said to be mystic as well as hypnotic - some people also call us goblins. Besides, we like to play with kids.
There is only one thing we do not like at all: being alone for a long time.
If you do not have time for us it would be nice to have some other cat to play with.

In case you like us and our foster parents think you are nice, we can come with you -
but only if we are at least 12 weeks old (because then we are vaccinated against …………..
and Leucose (2 x each), as well as …….
If you are now interested in us or you would like to get to know our foster parents, just write or give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you!!!
Kitten Birth